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About me

My name is Sonia Freeman , I am a counsellor and psychotherapist practicing in South West London. I am a qualified Psychodynamic Counsellor, which means I pay attention to underlying, unconscious processes, often in relation to emotional responses to both past and present behaviours. I believe exploring such feelings may be helpful to understand the nature of present distresses experienced.

My personal challenges, life experiences and having lived, worked and studied abroad led me to engage with people of different backgrounds and ethnicity. I believe this has given me a deeper understanding in people's challenges in life, which is important in my work as a counsellor.

During my studies, I have gained knowledge of different therapeutic approaches. I am open to introducing art and particularly phototherapy in my work. The use of photographs may be helpful to individuals who may find it hard to express their emotions verbally.

Therapy for Couples
In my work with couples I incorporate elements of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) developed by Sue Johnson. EFT is a structured approach based on attachment theory, helping couple to understand and respond effectively to each other's need. To implement my work with both individuals and couples, I am currently training in Psychosexual studies at the Tavistock Relationships, London.

My private practice is in Sutton, where I also work as a counsellor and as an assessor in a charitable counselling agency.

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